Tarots Today: Death

Tarots affirmation today comes from the death card. The death card is number 13 in the major arcana suite. The number 13 is sometimes considered lucky or unlucky. If a Friday falls on the 13th, this might be regarded as an unlucky day. When you get the death card in a reading, the message is one of radical change like we have today. Like the difference between life and death, this card asks us to be aware of our world changes. Like the number 13, this card can be a message that is lucky or unlucky. It is said that lucky people are good at identifying opportunities in their environment because they stay present in each moment. This card today asks us to be on the lookout for opportunities.


I notice radical change followed by rebirth.

Mermaid Type Tarot

Do you feel like the messages are accurate or not? Only you can know what is true for you. 

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