Monthly Elements and Zodiac Collective Reading

Welcome to this month’s interactive zodiac and element collective taroscope. The time stamps will let you jump to watch your sun sign or moon, or rising. If the reading does not resonate, try a random one from the oracle picker. I believe you can add a lot to this reading with your intuitive skills. As we look at these collective images, notice what seems personally relevant to you. It might be a letter, number, color, or word. With 20 years of study and decoding symbols, I know there is always more mystery to discover! Please add any of your insight in the comments. I’m all about the supportive community online. In this reading, I use my deck, but I also collect and support many other creators and intuitive readers by reviewing their work. You can find me LIVE on twitch, where I give free readings or check out my class on signs and symbols or schedule a personal session on my website. My name is Mitra, and thank you for checking out my video.

Collective Reading

The collective reading, for all the zodiac signs in February, is in this big spread. Happy Birthday to the Aquarius and Pisces out there. The sun is shining on you and our collective multidimensional potentials. We will likely all feel out of the body and perhaps even suffer a little during this month. You might find yourself outside in the cold, forgotten, or even want to isolate yourself from other people. People who are naturally grounded and down to earth will have a better time navigating the ‘far out there’ vibes. All of us will benefit from spending time in nature and noticing the abundance of wild kingdoms. We can bring to life fond memories in feeling our connection to the more fantastic web of life and earth’s past. Expect plenty of opportunities to demonstrate or observe people do good works. This month promises to inspire us into action and charge ahead, so remember to balance that momentum with rest and reflection time.

Water Signs

Hello, water signs! Welcome to your collective elemental reading. I see in your shared cards that this month holds significant energy. This energy is pushing and forcing you to see things from a different perspective. You will feel it especially strong in your home and in particular how you care for yourself. You can navigate the world outside or even feel as if you rule over the multidimensional realities. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the vastness and an inability to feel connected to home, and maybe you will be involved with travel this month. It’s likely that you feel stuck at times and find yourself unable to make decisions because your spiritual needs feel limited by your home, family, and community. Radical changes in your home could likely happen this month. Someone could be getting married or deliver news about a desire for more commitment in your relationship.

Air Signs

Hello Air Signs! Welcome to your collective elemental reading. I see in your cards this month is ripe for passion and happy emotional vibes. The community and people around you are not afraid to take action. I would not be surprised if someone is trying to have a baby or making plans for their famous future. Thoughts about the past are likely bubbling up. Do you see the past with rose-colored glasses, do memories of your childhood make you feel the best times have gone? You might be looking at memories and good times a lot this month. You could be feeling torn between contrasting memories that are good and bad. Be on the lookout for someone in your network who is willing and able to help spark creative ideas. This energetic person might not have a long-term commitment in mind, but their passionate spirit could be just what’s needed to balance out your team effort.

Fire Signs

Hello, Fire signs! Welcome to your collective elemental reading. I see in your cards that this month holds the potential for a promising new beginning as the wheel turns in your favor. This well-deserved change in fortune is welcome after a long road of challenges. Your past journey included traveling to new places and people and not giving up the path. You are close to the goal, and all your experience will be helpful as you face a final challenge this month. Be on the lookout for a passionate and fun-loving young adult. This person might have the letter L in their first or last name. L can also stand for Leo and this bright, joyful sun vibe. You can use this attitude to assist you in overcoming any final obstacles ahead of you. Remember that the winds of change are blowing for you, and be ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

Earth Signs

Hello Earth Signs! Welcome to your collective elemental reading. I see in your cards that forces outside of your control will lead you in unexpected ways. The energy is ripe with fertile possibilities because I see the Empress with Taurus. This earth goddess rules over the lands and animals. Her comfort and mastery of the wild kingdom are within reach. Perhaps planting a garden or feeding the bird will bring her presence into reality for you. The perfectionist in you, Virgo, will be challenged by the Hanged Man. He is asking you to see things from a different perspective. To master this challenge, you will need to keep a light touch on earthly concerns and expand your consciousness into the spiritual realms. If you are working on a business, the month is asking for you to find balance. The temperance card in Capricorn warns us that finding this equilibrium will require patients. Perhaps many unexpected changes or people will be why you must continue to refocus and balance this month.