🔮 ❤️ All March Relationshop Tarot Readings! Timeless Elements

Welcome to this month’s mermaid-type relationshop tarotscope, a mini relationship collective workshop to imagine possible happy outcomes. A theme emerged over all the zodiac reading for the month of March 2021. The repeating cards are, ‘no one believes it will work’ and art by ‘design’. So believing in the beauty of the greater creative design of life will help everyone maintain happy relationships this month, no matter what the details are for your situation. If the reading does not resonate, try another one.

Extended Readings:

I believe you can add a lot to this reading with your own intuitive skills. As we look at these collective images, notice what seems personally relevant to you. It might be a letter, number, color, or word. With 20 years of study and experience in decoding symbols, I know there is always more mystery to discover! Please add any of your insight in the comments. I’m all about the supportive community online. In this reading, I use my own deck but I also collect and support many other creators and intuitive readers by reviewing their work. You can find me LIVE on twitch where I give free readings or check out my class on signs and symbols or schedule a personal session. My name is Mitra and thank you for checking out my video.