☪☾✩☽🌙🌚🌕 YES!!! Bring on the abundance!! New Moon in Pisces Taroscope

This New Moon in Pisces reading is all about endings and beginnings. Take a moment to celebrate the mastery level we have reached collectively in the age of Pisces. What seeds do you wish to plant in this cosmic darkness, the womb of creation? The new moon offers us this opportunity to set intentions for today, tomorrow, and many years to come. How will you celebrate the accomplishments? The reading also marks the death of the old as we begin again in the element of AIR and the age of Aquarius. Strong feminine qualities are present to assist as leadership in the birthing of the new. No one knows what will emerge exactly BUT we do have clear messages that fertility, abundance, and LIGHT are unfolding in a beautifully unexpected way. Happy New Moon!

If the reading does not resonate, try another one. I believe you can add a lot to this reading with your own intuitive skills. As we look at these collective images, notice what seems personally relevant to you. It might be a letter, number, color, or word. With 20 years of study and experience in decoding symbols, I know there is always more mystery to discover! Please add any of your insight in the comments. I’m all about the supportive community online. In this reading, I use my own deck but I also collect and support many other creators and intuitive readers by reviewing their work. You can find me LIVE on twitch where I give free readings or check out my class on signs and symbols or schedule a personal session on my website. My name is Mitra and thank you for checking out my video.

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