Tarots Today: Two of Pentacles

The two of pentacles is the card for Tarots Today. This card is about balance and having skills like a juggler. It can be quite literal. The juggler can carry more items at once because they have the skill of balance in motion. Try testing your two of pentacle skills today. You could stack items on top of one another, books would be an excellent example. How many can you hold before they topple? You could try tossing apples in a circular motion to see how many you can keep going and for how long. Perhaps you are better with your feet! How many ways can you choose to explore these energies today? They are infinite! Perfect balance is a state of being we can tap into for moments at a time. I like to think that life itself is a long spin in perfect balance, like a top on a table that magically remains upright as it dances across the smooth surface.


I am the infinite in perfect balance.

Mermaid Type Tarot