12: Hanged Man

Hanged Man is the card for Tarots Today. This card is about seeing things from a different perspective. It’s also true that this card represents delay and even punishment. We might find that a significant event today does not go according to plan. The Hanged Man is in a situation that is outside of his control. If you can relate to feeling powerless, take a tip from this card and go within to find a new solution. When we can detach from a specific goal or point of view, we can see other possibilities. In a safe space, allow your mind to reach a meditation place. Let go of concerns and relax. In this chill space, we can hope for some divine sparks of insight. The Hanged Man is not worried, he is patient. He has faith in a higher power and trusts that a solution will become a clear path forward.


My spirit is always free.

Mermaid Type Tarot