Tarots Today: Six of Pentacles

The six of pentacles is the card for Tarots Today. This card is about an equal exchange, balance in the act of giving and receiving. ‘Appearances can be deceiving,’ is a common phrase that takes on a deeper meaning in this card’s message. Today we contemplate the many sides to charity, generosity, and gifts. Another common phrase we can activate today is,’to give is to receive.’ How do you feel when you think about giving to another person? Who and why do choose to give or receive? Perhaps you are refusing to accept gifts or feel unable to give to others. Try both today! Can you pay a compliment to someone who asks for it, or asking for one yourself? Are you generous with your time, money, or appreciation? Feel how the exchange balances itself out in a charitable action of giving and receiving.


I see generosity.

Mermaid Type Tarot