November Collective Tarot Reading

After we have looked at the cards, it is time to reflect on how you felt about the reading. Consider if you feel like the messages are accurate or not. Only you can know what is true for you.

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πŸƒ Decks In this Reading from My Personal Collection:
Yogic Path, Believe in Your Own Magic, Synchronicity, Dreams, Empowering Questions, Energy Archeology, Santa Muerte, Sacred Self Care, Nightmare Before Christmas, Visa-Versa Tarot (Some are amazon affiliate links)

Chance And Choice

In Tarot Tarot and oracle decks are a collection of options and ideas presented in a card format. The chance comes with shuffling the cards and the random possibilities of what order the cards are when chosen. The options are in reading the selected cards to create a story that is cohesive from the selected cards and how a person responds to the information. Many of the cards and accompanying booklets are based on psychology or spiritual traditions. As such, the wisdom in the words and images reflect shared human experiences like birth, love, and death. How each individual applies the information to their specific situation is a personal matter. Many people choose to focus on their emotional response and select what feels good. Others might use logic to make choices or a combination of factors that feel true to them. If you don’t know what feels good or seems logical, a card reading can be a safe place to imagine and explore options. Always consult a professional if you need more than light inspiration or entertainment today.

Learn To Read Cards Workshop

I have 20 years of experience reading tarot cards. Are you game to try it out? Join the group to learn how to read tarot cards: