Aries, Focus on your Wish Video Tarot Reading

Welcome, Aries, thank you for being here. Our intention is to communicate guidance for the month. Trust the message is timeless and will arrive when you need to hear it. Please remember the videos are made for a public audience and for entertainment use.

Thank you for checking out this video. If the reading does not resonate, try another one. I believe you can add magic to this reading with your own intuitive skills. While you watch the video, notice what seems most meaningful to you. It might be a letter, number, color or word. There is always more collective meaning to discover! Please add any of your insight in the comments.

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How do we read cards at tarots today? We shuffle the cards and place them in a particular order. The order, or spread, creates a story structure. Selecting a spread is an important step in reading cards. The length of interpreting a message depends on the number of cards in the spread. This monthly zodiac reading is four questions. What is my focus? What is the best action to take? Where will I find joy? What should I let go?