Moon Power Vs Manara Tarot

The best tarot deck is the one you choose to use. A comparison review might help you decide between Moon Power Tarot and Manara Tarot. Both of these decks feature edgy artwork that is exciting and sexual in nature. I selected cards for the video that give a sense of the imagery but leave it to your imagination. Moon Power has a darker or gothic and modern city vibe that is unique to the artist. Manara is also an artist with a unique sensibility to the imagery and the deck is mass-produced for a wider audience appeal.

The quick video review will cover the author, artist, publisher, packaging, card, booklet, artwork, and other miscellaneous details. The decks featured in these reviews are from a collection that spans over 20 years. When researching what deck is best for you, please be aware that each edition can be slightly different. See below the video for a link to help you find official sites.

More Information About The Cards

Moon Power Tarot

Manara Tarot (2000)

  • Pricing: Affordable
  • Manara Illustration, Llewellyn Publications; Lo Scarabeo
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