Private Readings

Mitra Cline is an interdisciplinary artist — 20 years of experience reading cards and an Master of Arts in Creative Life with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology.

20 years reading cards +
MA in creative life w/
emphasis in depth psychology.

Mitra started reading cards in 2000 when gifted an Italian Aquarian Tarot Deck. In 2014 she published the Original Odyssey Puzzle Deck. In 2020 she published Mermaid Relationship Mini-DIY-Deck and Mermaid Type Tarot.

I believe you add to each reading with your own intuitive skills. As we look at the images, we notice what seems personally relevant to you. It might be a letter, number, color or word.  With 20 years of study and experience in decoding symbols, I know there is always more mystery to discover! You can find me LIVE on twitch where I give free readings or check out my class on signs and symbols or schedule a personal session. 


Tarot cards are used as a tool that to provide insights into hidden parts of ourselves so we can make the best choices for ourselves. It is also fun and entertaining. You decide if the messages are accurate or not. You might want to write down or share the experience with someone else you trust. Only you can know what is true for you and a tarot reading can help you explore unexpected possibilities. In online readings I use my own deck but I also collect and support many other creators and intuitive readers by reviewing their work.

Press & Publications

Mermaid Type Tarot
Mitra Cline introduces us to her mermaid themed tarot in this interview. The images of mermaids evoke imaginations of fantasy creatures that show us the duality of life – there are times when we feel entirely at home, just like the mermaids in water, and times where we may struggle, like a mermaid out of water. This deck is not only beautiful in it’s imagery, but also in it’s messages.

Creative Workshop, Global Players
2018 JSSS Emerging Conference in Portland. Creative Workshop, ‘Global Players’ Play cards games using AR and VR and reflect on your own emotional responses to using new technology.

Original Odyssey
Foreverbird Studio Debuts New Card Game – Santa Barbara-Based Studio’s Original Odyssey Encourages Imaginative Thinking